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Affirmation Espresso

Restoring the FEMININE!

Restoring the FEMININE!

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The Restoring the Feminine Collection is an exhilarating deep dive into what true femineity is, providing balance to Society's distorted Masculine. 

The Portal of All Creation™ is the Source of it all, the Mother. 

Everything we know came from a belief that manifested into reality. The time is NOW to put our Mother's (maternal or Spiritual) back in their power by restoring their inner belief systems and reinventing their self-image!

What other listeners are saying:

"This brings me back to the present moment!"

"Energy boosting!" 

"Opens my heart!"

"Raised my vibration!"

The time is NOW! 

Care Instructions

It is recommeded to listen to this AVSM session at least once a day, preferably in the early day when you first wake while your subconscious is open. For best results, use headphones for your session and most importantly, expect miracles! 

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